Annette, tell us a little about yourself and about your job here at Power Grade.

“My background is in accounting; I received my bachelors of science in Panama. I came from Panama to Hawaii and worked as an office manager when I was 32. In 1996 I moved to California and started working as an office manager for Dryers Ice Cream, then for Amador Inc where I worked for 15 years. I came to work for Power Grade in 2012 also as an office manager. Here I handle accounting, HR paperwork, insurance, basically I do anything and everything office related. “

What do you enjoy most about your job or working for Power Grade?

“I enjoy that I do not have stress with anyone I work with. I have been doing this for so long I do not feel stress about deadlines or anything that has to be done because I know what I am doing.”

What do you see as a challenge for Power Grade that we need to tackle?

“I think we are leaning towards bigger jobs. It is new, it is a little challenging. We are doing more and more. We have people that know those fields so it will be smooth. But growing, working with new companies, you learn with time. But that is okay. We are here to learn.”

What is your hope for Power Grade as we continue to grow?

“I always hope that we grow bigger, stronger, but at the same time I feel for the employees in the field. I always hope we stay consistent and busy in our work so everyone can continue to take care of their families. Beyond that I hope that Power Grade is known for our work. I want everyone to know that everything we do, we do correctly. Growing will be a challenge but we have what it takes to do it.”

What is the best wisdom you’ve received on the job that you can hand down?

“My sign on the wall, we are Teamwork. I put that there for everyone that comes in, I tell them we have to achieve things together and communicate together. We have to be a team.”

Lastly, what is your why? What makes you want to show up and do your best every day?

“I show up to work every day because I love working. It’s stressful sometimes, but for me it is a release to be out of the house. Then when I come home, I see my family, which is who I do it for. I do it for my son, I want him to understand that life is not easy you have to work hard to become someone in life. My husband is the same way, we are always working. I am almost ready to retire but I am not going to retire soon because I love to work.”

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