Bernie and Everado are one of our father and son duos that work together here at Power Grade as fabricators. Their dedication and work ethic not only contribute to an amazing crew but show in the quality of their work. They are part of the culture that makes Power Grade great.

Bernie & Everado, tell us a little about yourselves and about what you do here at Power Grade.

Everado: “My name is Everardo, I have been with Power Grade almost four years now. We set forms, pour concrete, a little bit of everything. I’ve been doing construction for about seven years.”

Bernie: “Oh I have been doing construction for 35 years and I have been with Power Grade almost 7 years. Like my son said we set forms, tie rebar, pour concrete, installation, anything and everything.”

Do you like working with each other?

[both laugh]

Everado: “Sometimes…sometimes.”

Bernie: “You know you have to train your son and be harder on him than you are on everyone else. You cannot go easy on him; you have to go harder. [laughs]”

What do you enjoy most about your job or working for Power Grade?

Everado: “They take good care of us. They always keep us working and take care of us.”

What do you see as a challenge for Power Grade that we need to tackle?

Everado: “You know things change, but construction is always the same. The only challenge is the more work you get, it is good, but you have to travel sometimes far to do it. It is hard, but that is not going to change. It is good to grow even if you have to travel to do the work.”

What is the best wisdom you’ve received on the job that you can hand down?

Bernie: “Always work hard. Always think this is like you are working for your house. If it is your house, you only want the best, same thing here. Take care of everyone out here.”

Everado: “It doesn’t matter if no one is watching you, you always work at your best.”

Lastly, what is your why? What makes you want to show up and do your best every day?

Everado: “For me it is definitely to provide for my family.”

Bernie: “You know we do this out here for our families first. But also, for the company. It is a great company. If they have success, we have success. Then everyone is happy!”

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