Mark, tell us a little bit about your background and what you do at Power Grade.

“Let’s see, I have been in the construction industry for about 31 years. I started as a laborer. I spent 20 years as an operating engineer, and it’s been 12 years with IBEW Local 47. My Father and both Grandfathers were also operating engineers, so long history in the industry. For Power Grade I currently work as a project manager overseeing substation work and battery storage projects.”

What do you enjoy most about your job or working for Power Grade?

“What I enjoy most about Power Grade are the crews. The people. We have the absolute best. It’s really hard to put into words what that means. There is just such a cohesive attitude and integrity for our work and each other that really binds the team together and creates the right environment to work in.”

What do you see as a challenge for Power Grade or the industry as a whole that needs to be tackled?

“Definitely communication. It is so important. In this industry we’re taught to be tough, don’t speak up or complain. I mean it is a job for tough people, you’re out working in 110 degree weather doing hard physical labor. The culture is very macho. But realistically you need to speak up when something could improve or needs to be said. That needs to be more acceptable so that the whole industry can improve. How are we ever going to know what needs to change or could be done better if we don’t discuss it?”

What is your hope for Power Grade as we continue to grow?

“We need to bring new workers into the fold, get them involved, make them feel valued, it will make more committed workers. We are an awesome company, but growth needs to come from the field. Like a family we grow more branches on the tree, but we need the roots to grow too or we’re going to fall apart. I really believe in raising people up through our staff, promoting and developing up. That is how we grow successfully.”

What is the best wisdom you’ve received on the job that you can hand down?

“To never forget that that guy that shows up and digs a ditch for you is just as important as the vice president. He deserves just as much praise as anyone.”

Lastly, what is your why? What makes you want to show up every day?

“To be a part of the team. Honestly. We’re simple creatures, we get to play in the dirt, get paid, work hard, be providers and builders. But it really is the people and being a part of that team.”

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